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short films



BAFTA Cymru Nominated for best short film 2014.


Shot for the IT'S MY SHOUT scheme in 2013 on location in Bala over 3 days.


Bala, a small town in north Wales, is home to many interesting characters, including one with the moniker "Miss World". In a town where everybody knows everybody, a young boy is intrigued by her nickname sets out to find the truth behind it, and who she once was... and may still be.




The London Film School 2006


Two would be neo nazi's find that the cost of performing a happy slapping on a local pakistani shop owner has serious consiquences. 
There's always a bigger fish, but just who?...


Shot on 35mm in 4 four days in the LFS studio in London



Made with the Uk Film Council and The Welsh Film Agency


A young girl, Ali, dreams of leaving her dead end life, in a dead end town, with her dead end job selling ice cream for her dad. She longs to leave the quite welsh valley and search for the Bright Lights just like her mother once did. But a few home truths lead her to look at what exactly she has on her doorstep.


Shot on location in the Rhondda, south Wales, and Nominated for best short drama at the Celtic Media Film in Derry 2012



The London Film School 2007


A young man wakes on a deserted beach with a hangover and length of wool tied to his finger. Tracing the wool back to it's source he remembers how and why he woke there, and he knows what lies ahead.


Shot on 35mm on location in the Gower and Swansea 

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