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hefin rees
Award winning director of short films and television drama.

Having experienced most aspects of filmmaking during my time at London Film School, after graduating with two films written and directed on 35mm (MANGO and BEACHED) I decided to take on the role of the Producer. This was in order to gain a better understanding of the industry and to aid me in my chosen career of directing. I therefore spent eighteen months at Fflic Television and in 2009 was nominated for a Welsh Bafta for my producing role on stylish youth makeover programme - HIP NEU SGIP? I went on to numerous work in numerous production roles on low budget and independent film productions such as Unit Manager on Vertigo Films HAMMER OF THE GODS (2012) and Production coordinator on Vox Pictures JUST JIM (2015)directed by Craig Roberts.

In the last five years I have directed over twelve hours of television drama and comedy drama for S4C as well as four short films (two nominated for various awards) and corporate video work with Filmcafe ltd for clients such as the NHS.

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